Green Lentils

green-lentilsGreen lentils are the sturdiest of all the lentils. They have quite an earthy flavour when cooked. Although they have the longest cooking cooking time of all the lentils don’t be put off by this as they are a great addition to so many recipes.



Steps for Cooking Green Lentils:

  1. Pour the lentils into a sieve.
  2. Rinse them very well under cold running water.
  3. Remove any debris or stones.
  4. Put the lentils into a pot and cover with cold water. The water should be about 2ins above the lentils.
  5. Bring the lentils to the boil.
  6. Once the lentils have come to the boil reduce the heat and cook for about 45mins
  7. Always salt the lentils at the end of the cooking prosses