Mung Beans

Mung bean

Mung Beans pack quite a bunch when it comes to nutrition, They are a high in protein and low in calories.

Health Benefits of Mung Beans:

  • Good source of protein
  • Good source of dietary fibre which can help to lower cholesterol, prevent constipation and keeps you feeling full for longer
  • Low in sodium
  • Low in cholesterol
  • Contain Vitamins: A and Vitamin B

Steps for Cooking Mung Beans:

  1. Pour the mung beans into a sieve.
  2. Rinse them very well under cold running water.
  3. Remove any debris or stones.
  4. Put the beans into a pot and cover with cold water. The water should be about inches above the lentils.
  5. Bring the beans to the boil.
  6. Once the beans have come to the boil reduce the heat and cook for about 45mins
  7. Always salt the beans at the end of the cooking process